Starters & Kids

Super Soups!

Please ask about our Soup of the Day  (V) € Daily price
Chicken bouillon with fine vegetables strips €5.50
Goulasch soup with paprika & chili €6.50


Home-made quail croquettes with fennel €9.50
Home-made cheese croquettes with Belgian Herver cheese  V €8.50
Home-made shrimp croquettes with leek & lime €9.50
Deep-fried breaded mushrooms with tartar sauce  V €8.50
Little balls of chickpeas with a seame dip  V €8.50
Smoked ham with tomato, balsamic vinegar & nut brittle €9.50
Scampi in garlic cream sauce with leek & a hint of tomatoes €12.50
Grapevine snails with garlic butter €12.50


German or frikadelle sausage with chips €6.50
Fishsticks wit Duchesse potato €8.50
Spaghetti with tomato sauce  V €6.50
Little schnitzel with chips €8.50