Main Dishes

Meat with salat & home-made Belgian Fries

Home-made Patty €14.50
Chicken breast filet with Mosterdcream from Raeren €15.50
Duck breast with a sauce composed from Chimay & sweet Syrop €19.50
Schnitzel Vienna Style €14.50
Schnitzel with mushroom or paprika sauce €16.50
Rump Steak au naturel or with herbs de Provence €18.50
Rump Steak with pepper or mushroom cream €20.50
Filet Steak au naturel or with herbs de Provence €25.50
Filet Steak with pepper or mushroom cream €27.50
Lamb filet with a Rosemary crust, red wine Sauce & vegetables €23.50

Fish with salat & home-made Pomme Duchesse

Salmon fried in poppy seed with orange pieces, red pepper & pesto cream €19.50
Poached Salmon in wild garlic sauce €19.50
Crispy roll filled with Plaice & vegetables €19.50
Fried Cod with red onions & beetroot €20.50
Fish rolls in white wine sauce with grey shrimps €21.50
Scampi in garlic cream sauce with leek and a hint of tomatoes €18.50